THAILAND | Bangkok and Ayutthaya Budget Guide for 140 USD

Sawadee!! Thailand marked the best solo trip i ever had (since this was only my fourth time going solo internationally) and also, lucky enough to have celebrated the Songkran Festival with an old friend , new friends and some Thai locals .

Previously , i blogged about my solo travel in Thailand along with my Songkran Festival experience this year.

You can read about it on the links below :

In this blog , i will just share to you my detailed expenses for this trip without airfare

Note: Airfare during PH Holyweek and Thailand's Songkran is a little expensive than the usual. 

Here is my detailed expenses. Hope this may help you in your upcoming Thailand Trip.

4,959 Baht is around 7,200 Pesos

Feel free to comment and add questions below. :) 

Safe Travels!